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We at Fuhrmeister Electronics Co., Ltd. operate a wide range of businesses, spanning electronic device sectors such as semiconductors and electronic materials, as well as operations in the panel and digital signage, solar power generation, laundromat, and equipment industries.

Since our founding, we have consistently provided high-quality products and cutting-edge technology both domestically and internationally. Discover the distinctive features of our company and explore our future vision.


At Fuhrmeister Electronics Co., Ltd., our aim is to be a solution provider that delivers reliable value to our customers.

With accelerating digitization leading to increased direct sales between manufacturers and users in recent times, electronic device trading companies are required to provide high value-added services that go beyond the framework of simple procurement and sales to support customers in solving their issues.

Our company, rooted in a history of over 100 years since the establishment of our predecessor in Germany as FUHRMEISTER & Co., has inherited the organizational strength necessary to swiftly provide the apparent and latent technological and production value of our strategic partner companies to customers. With our unique high value-added services, we are here to support our customers' 'victories' in various markets within the electronics sector.

In order to achieve further evolution, we will not only hone our management capabilities in our core electronic device business, but also strengthen our collaborative framework with key strategic partners.

Features of Fuhrmeister Electronics

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“High Value-added Services”
to Boost Market Competitiveness

In addition to the core functions of “product procurement and sales” fundamental to a trading company, we enhance our customers' market competitiveness through high-value-added services such as technical support and tailored recommendations that align with the times. We anticipate market needs and propose strategic sales expansion plans that take advantage of our customers' apparent and latent technological and production strengths.

In the electronics industry, technological innovation is advancing at a remarkable pace every day. The key is not to be tossed around by the currents of the times, but to ride the flow of change. We will support hand in hand to ensure our customers continue to achieve victory in their markets.

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Expanding Sales of South Korean Technologies and Products
By Leveraging Our Longstanding Connections

Fuhrmeister Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech trading company with unparalleled historical ties among companies in Japan to the LG Group, LX Group, and LS Group of South Korea.


By leveraging our longstanding relationship with the groups, we aim to expand the sales of Japanese semiconductors and LCD-related electronic devices to them and other high-tech companies in South Korea in a stable and timely manner.

In addition, we aim to expand the sales of high-quality technologies and products from these groups and other South Korean high-tech companies in the Japanese market.

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Unique Technology and Know-How
For the Stable and Timely Supply
Of Japanese Semiconductors and LCD-Related Electronic Devices

Over the years, we have established a system to provide stable and timely supplies of Japanese semiconductor and LCD-related electronic devices, earning high trust and praise from our customers.

We support the establishment of a total supply chain management system that utilizes our unique technology and know-how to anticipate the trends of the times and deliver products to our customers' global markets in a timely manner with high quality.

Our Journey Alongside Partners

Our Journey Alongside Partners

FUHRMEISTER & Co., established in 1914. Engaged in the import and export of plants between Germany, the UK, and Korea
Fuhrmeister Japan Co., Ltd., established in 1962. Engaged in business with major Japanese companies and GoldStar (now LG Group and LX Group).

Fuhrmeister Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 1988. The company was established to specialize in handling electronic devices and other products manufactured by Hitachi, and delivering them to GoldStar.

Over the years, our company has grown as a strategic partner of GoldStar (now LG Group and LX Group). We have expanded our global network and now serve as a bridge between domestic and overseas manufacturers, while maintaining a focus on Japan and South Korea.

The depth of our ties with South Korean companies is a unique strength of our company. Taking advantage of these strengths that are unique in Japan, we aspire to be the “one and only” solution provider in the electronic device sector.

About Our Vision for the Future

Strengthening Collaboration With Key Strategic Partners
Our Journey Alongside Partners

Without complacency in our history or reputation, we will further hone our management capabilities in our core electronic device business (semiconductor and electronic materials business) and strengthen our collaborative framework with key strategic partners.
For example, the company has recently invested in FJ Composite, whose largest shareholder is South Korea's LX Semicon. Through fostering their sales expansion in the Japanese market, we are building a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Investments in Businesses Upstream in the Supply Chain
Investments in Businesses Upstream in the Supply Chain

We will invest in businesses that are upstream in the supply chain in the electronic device-related business.

As an example, in 2019, we acquired "Micro Process Corporation inc." based in Ishikawa Prefecture, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary. This move enables us to establish an integrated production and sales structure, fostering synergy with their operations. We are expanding the provision of “ideal devices” to electronic device-related manufacturers through custom designs, aiming to evolve and become a 'one and only' in the industry.

Playing a Pivotal Role
as a Solution Provider in the
Electronics Industry of Japan and South Korea
Investments in Businesses Upstream in the Supply Chain

We are strengthening our system of coexistence and symbiosis with South Korea’s LG Group, LX Group, LS Group, and various other partner companies. With the goal of playing a pivotal role as a solution provider in the electronics industry in Japan and South Korea, we will further improve our organizational capabilities as an electronic device trading company.

In addition, as a solution provider company for the new era, we are expanding our business into a wide range of sectors. Utilizing the strength of our diversified skill sets, we are committed to fostering talents who will lead the way in the future.

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