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Fuhrmeister Electronics Co., Ltd. fully acquired Micro Process Corporation inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary on September 13, 2019. Leveraging the technical capabilities they have accumulated over their long involvement in the equipment business and combining it with our own know-how, we offer custom-made manufacturing equipment to assist our customers in addressing their specific challenges.

For more information on our equipment business, please visit the Micro Process Corporation inc. website.

Business Profile

Business Profile

We design and manufacture industrial machinery for various fields such as energy, food, and medical care. We manufacture custom-made equipment to meet our customers' requests.


Our company handles a wide range of requests, from labor-saving and automation devices that help solve production line problems and issues, to R&D and testing equipment, various control and management systems, and even image processing software development for image processing and inspection equipment.


We also offer assistance on design and manufacturing improvements to increase the efficiency and automation capabilities of production facilities. We will provide comprehensive support to improve your production efficiency by reducing costs and takt time through labor savings, as well as improving product quality stability and yield rates.

Equipment Business Features

Dedicated Staff Handles the Entire Process
Dedicated Staff Handles the Entire Process

Our dedicated design staff will manage all aspects of product quality, cost, and delivery. In order to accurately incorporate all requests from our customers, we have dedicated staff members who will listen to all of your needs from start to finish. Having a single point of contact for product-related assistance helps to reduce the burden on customers.

Turning Our Customers’ Ideal Equipment Into Reality
Turning Our Customers’ Ideal Equipment Into Reality

We will solve your problems with custom-made designs tailored to your needs. We start by actively listening to our customers, understanding their current challenges, concerns, and the specific functionalities and roles they envision for their equipment. We will then engage in a collaborative process, proposing a concept that aligns with your vision and working together through repeated discussions to bring the "ideal equipment" into reality.

Efficient Operations With
a One-Stop System
Efficient Operations With a One-Stop System

Our company operates under a one-stop system, handling everything from conceptual drawings to mechanical and control design, assembly, and operational adjustments. We deliver optimal solutions to meet diverse customer needs through efficient operations enabled by our one-stop approach, as well as our extensive track record in product design which spans various fields, including LCDs, energy, electronic devices, and medical care.

Product Introduction

Laser Cutting and Inspection Equipment

This equipment utilizes a laser for the removal of burrs, a crucial step in the semiconductor package manufacturing process. The semiconductor burrs are efficiently removed, then the products are inspected for flaws, stains, deformation, and other defects using an image sensor before being transferred to a dedicated tray.

Lid Attaching and Inspection Equipment

This equipment is capable of performing the entire process from semiconductor cover mounting to deposition. First, the semiconductor is removed from the dedicated tray and a cover is attached to the semiconductor. A curing oven is located at the rear of the unit, allowing transfer to a dedicated tray after deposition. Bulk handling of complex semiconductor processes helps alleviate the manufacturing burden.

Switchboard Assembly and Inspection Equipment

This equipment assembles switchboards and inspects that the screws are tightened according to specifications. By eliminating the need for conventional manual assembly and inspection processes, labor costs can be cut and manufacturing costs can be significantly reduced. Consistent quality of the switchboards can also be ensured due to the absence of variation among workers.

Automobile Filter Coating Equipment

This equipment applies a special type of liquid to automobile intake filters. This process of applying liquid materials to prevent foreign matter from entering automobile engines requires precision, and conventional manual labor can result in inconsistent results from one worker to another. Automating this process with machines enables a consistent level of quality.

Automation Equipment for a Wide Range of Fields Including Energy, Food, and Medical Care

Automation Equipment for a Wide Range of Fields Including Energy, Food, and Medical Care

In the equipment business, we are particularly focused on the design and manufacturing of labor-saving and automation equipment. The adoption of automated equipment can provide a variety of benefits to customers, including reduced labor, recruitment, and training costs, as well as the prevention of human errors. It also allows for quality stabilization because the product finish can be maintained at a constant level.

Automation equipment designed and manufactured by our company is used in a wide range of fields, including energy, food, and medical care. Backed by extensive experience and a comprehensive support system made possible by a one-stop system, we skillfully handle even the toughest requests, earning the continued trust of many customers. Feel free to reach out to us, even if you have faced challenges with your requests at other companies.

Introduction of Micro Process Corporation inc.

Introduction of Micro Process Corporation inc.

Founded in 2001 in Hakusan-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Micro Process Corporation inc. designs and manufactures industrial machinery for a wide range of industries, including energy, food, and medical care.

We manufacture equipment that seamlessly merges the latest mechatronics and electronics (imaging) technologies, supporting our customers with advanced capabilities and innovative solutions. As a one-stop shop from design to production, we are well-equipped to address your specific needs to the smallest detail. We are actively striving to enhance clarity in the three critical elements of quality, cost, and delivery time, with the goal of earning the trust of our valued customers.

We will continue to strive to improve our technological capabilities and creativity, aiming to persist as a bridge that transforms our customers' dreams into reality.